Privacy Policy

Data we collect

Email address

We request your email address during the sign on process to the web app to ensure you are an actual person and not an automated process. We also need your email address to send you important notifications related to the maintenance tasks of your car.

Your name

This piece of information is not mandatory, but by entering it you allow us to make the experience of using CarTenance web app more personal.

Your car data

We request the license plate to use it as a unique identifier. This enables the app to distinguish your car from other cars you may have entered in the system. We also collect the mileage of your car and allow you to periodically update it. This is essential to letting you know which maintenance tasks are overdue or near due. You can optionally enter your car make, model and year and possibly other technical characteristics of your car. We use this data to better tailor the default maintenance plan for you.

How we care about your data

The data you enter is visible only to you and a restricted group of support personnel which needs that access to perform its daily duties. We follow industry standard practices to ensure that your data is not accessed without authorization and to prevent loss of information. We will not share your data with anyone, unless we have your approval.