About Us

Our mission

Founded in 2013 with the mission of assisting in the maintenance of our customers cars, CarTenance is a free app that allows car owners to easily create a maintenance schedule and track the completion of the maintenance tasks. CarTenance is a small company with a strong commitment to keep our service simple and easy to use. We also take pride in listening to our customer and adapting our service to meet their needs.

Our service

CarTenance is a service provided in the form of a web app which allows our customers to create maintenance plans by tailoring suggested plans to their needs. A maintenance plan consists of a set of tasks assigned to your car. The tasks will be due every time or distance interval that you specify. The CarTenance app will send you notifications by email alerting you of the tasks that are near due. You can regularly enter the distance traveled by your car which will result in better predictions of when the next tasks will be due.